A keen fascination with fiber has been influential throughout B.J.’s life. The variations in texture, and the feel of it touching her skin speaks volumes to her.

B.J. has had an interest in sewing dating as far back as watching her grandmother use her treadle sewing machine. Her mother also was a sewer, and during her teenage years, her mother taught her to fit, then sew a pattern.  Sewing class during home economics was also an inspiration. Later, she learned to refine her sewing skills by reading sewing books. 

Now though, B.J.'s focus is almost exclusively on quilting.

B.J. began quilting in 1996 after attending her first quilt show. Her early quilts were traditional in design, although her use of exceptionally bright colors would hardly be considered as such.  She eventually migrated to art quilts and has not looked back.  Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited in shows all over the country.

Working in her small, 11’ x 11’ studio can at times be challenging, but B.J. is quite content to call this space her very own.

B.J. strives to provide the viewer with a focal point to draw them in for a closer look; then she rewards the viewer with a surprise.  Closer inspection sometimes reveals beadwork, or intricate threadwork; sometimes it is an appliqué feature that is not noticeable from a distance. However, the viewer is always rewarded for stepping up for a closer look.

Using an appliqué method of layering fabrics, B.J.’s quilts are usually recognized by her use of brilliant colors and extensive use of thread embellishment. Her more recent quilts exhibit tropical themes drawn from childhood memories of summer vacations in Florida.

Following up on this theme, B.J. is introducing a line of quilt patterns titled, “Tropical Elements.” They feature many of the focal points in her art quilts, which have been scaled down to a more manageable size for today’s busy quilter. Visit her blog for additional details.

Lecturing, workshops, as well as a full-time job keep her busy. But B.J. confides she is doing what she loves:  sharing her quilting knowledge with others. She encourages quilters to reach beyond the norm, let go of traditional expectations, and have fun with the design process.  In particular, be observant—explore nature and the world around you, and most importantly—enjoy the journey.

Tropical Hibiscus Workshop

A full-day, fused appliqué workshop in which students will complete, or nearly complete,
the top of this 16” x 16” wall hanging. Stitching and quilting techniques are discussed.

Pumpkin Patch Workshop

A full-day, fused appliqué workshop. Students will also learn an easy, strip-pieced border technique,
as well as stitching and quilting tips and tricks. Students usually complete or nearly complete
the quilt top during class. Ideas for quilting this 18” x 18” wall quilt are also discussed.

Transition:  How to Make the Leap from Traditional to Contemporary Quilts

A trunk show includng many of B.J.’s early traditional quilts to present-day art quilts.
A large number of quilts are included in this trunk show.
Tips and techniques are also discussed. (1 hour, plus Q &A)

Nature’s Bounty: Where to Find Inspiration

Ever wonder where to get ideas for a quilt? Sometimes those ideas are right in your backyard.
A PowerPoint presentation showing inspiration for many of B.J.’s quilts, including highly detailed images.
Several of these quilts will be displayed and construction techniques and tips are discussed. (1 hour, plus Q &A)


Workshop - Lecture Fees

$325 for 1-Hour Lecture, plus Q & A
      $525 for Full-day Workshop (6 hours)
      $800 if lecture and workshop are combined

$350 for Lecture, plus Q & A
$550 for Full-day Workshop (6 hours)
$850 if lecture and workshop are combined

Mileage:  IRS rate on date of departure
Overnight accommodations (hotel) required for a driving distance of more than 2 hours.


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